Madame Frigo (public fridge)

Madame Frigo is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Bern. The organization promotes the conscious use of food in private households. The project's team is supported by strong partners and many great people who are committed to reducing food waste on a voluntary basis.

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That's how it works:

The communal fridges are available to all interested people as exchange platforms. Here you can put fresh food that you no longer consume in the fridge at any time. And of course, you can also take products home! In doing so, you contribute to the sustainable reduction of food waste in Switzerland.

1. The refrigerators are accessible to everyone around the clock. There are no restrictions such as passwords or locks.

2. The following foods are allowed in the refrigerator: fruit and vegetables, bread. In addition, sealed products that have reached the best-before date at the most, but not the use-by date. Meat or fish, alcohol, and already opened or processed (e.g. cooked) products are not allowed.

3. Fridge Götti and Gottis (fridge godparents) from the neighbourhood keep the fridges clean. Regular hygiene checks ensure that there are no spoiled goods in the fridge.

4. The use of the refrigerator is your own responsibility. The persons who operate the refrigerators assume no liability. The same applies to the Madame Frigo Organization.

Madame Frigo fridge next to the SUB-Hüsli
Madame Frigo fridge next to the SUB-Hüsli
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