Scholarship policy

Studying is expensive. For many students, the support of their family and their own employment is not enough. They are therefore dependent on scholarships.

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Students depend on good scholarships!
Students depend on good scholarships!
We demand more and better scholarships! The opportunity to study must not be dependent on financial means!

In many cantons, scholarships are insufficient. The consequences are unplanned extensions of study time and sometimes even the decision not to study at all. Although the scholarship initiative for a nationwide minimum standard was unfortunately rejected in June 2015, it is now all more important than ever to fight for improvements in the different cantons.

The situation is particularly bad in the canton of Bern, and not only because working students are being punished. The canton of Bern spends less than half as much money on scholarships as it did 20 years ago. Despite the fact that there are many more students today than back then. The proportion of students receiving scholarships is smaller than in almost any other canton. In order to ensure that studying is open to everyone, a correction of the Bernese scholarship system is urgently needed! 

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