Welcome to SUB KiStE - Child, Study, Parenthood - the network for students who are parents or those who (want to) become parents.

The SUB KiStE offers network and exchange opportunities  for student parents. An exchange meeting takes place every semester. If you have specific questions or tips, the best thing to do is to register in the forum with your campus account and exchange information with other (future) student parents.


The SUB KiStE members meet up once a semester for an informal get together.

This semester's exchange and networking meeting took place on the 21th of October 2021.

The date for the next meeting will be announced at the beginning of FS2022.

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SUB KiStE - The network for student parents
SUB KiStE - The network for student parents

Good to know - tips and tricks


This roadmap provides a compilation of all family-friendly places at the University of Bern, including facilities where you can breastfeed and change diapers.

Toy boxes on campus

There are toy boxes with toys for children of all ages at three locations on campus. We tell you where you can find them: Have fun playing! 

In the SUB-Hüsli (Unitobler courtyard) you can borrow the SUB toy box! It contains toys and a blanket and is available at the SUB secretariat during opening hours. You can also reserve it. 

Use it wherever you want. If something breaks or gets dirty, please tell us so we can take care of it. Oh, and bring it back after use ;-) 


  • Cube Puzzle (3+)
  • Baby Blocs (1+)
  • Crawling blanket (with sound stuffed animals)
  • 3 Pixi books
  • Colouring book
  • Colouring utensils
  • iPod with children's audio plays (please use only for listening to children's audio plays)

In cooperation with the Office for Gender Equality, in the foyer of Uni S the second toy box was permanently installed. The third mobile play box can be found in the parent/child room on Mittelstrasse (room-111). The toys are ready for your kid's playing time! :)


On campus there are four parent-child rooms. They serve as work and play rooms if you have difficulties organising child care or a baby sitter, as meeting rooms, for breastfeeding or as a quiet room. These rooms are accessible to students and staff of the PHBern and the University of Bern as well as to visitors.  

  • vonRoll building: Room B002
  • Main building: Room 012
  • Uni Mittelstrasse: room -111
  • IBMM, Bühlstrasse 28: Room 223

Breastfeeding and pumping breastmilk

You can find quiet facilities for breastfeeding and pumping milk here:

  • vonRoll building: Room A015
  • Unitobler: Muesmattstr. 45, room D411 (incl. fridge). For a key, please contact the Dean's Office of the Phil.-hist. Faculty, for questions contact
  • GIUB: Hallerstr. 12, room 306
  • In the buildings Unitobler, UniS, Uni Hauptgebäude, Uni H6, ExWi, Bühlplatzareal and Uni Engehalde in the respective sanitary rooms. Please contact the Office for Gender Equality before using them for the first time:
  • Inselareal: IFIK, MEM

Changing tables

Changing tables are available in all wheelchair-friendly toilets and in the following rooms: 

  • UniS: In the cubus of the entrance hall (WC-D).
  • Unitobler: Room D411 or WC 1st floor
  • H6: First-aid room on the 1st floor
  • ExWi: First-aid room on the ground floor

Highchairs for children in cafeterias and canteens

Tripp Trapps for toddlers are available in the following cafeterias/canteens: 


In the Basisbibliothek Unitobler, there is a small table with children's books in the computer room.

The Münstergasse library has an area for children to play on the first floor.

Compulsory attendance

If you have problems with compulsory attendance, you can refer to Article 16 of the Regulations on Gender Equality of the University of Bern.

Article 16 of the Regulations on Gender Equality of the University of Bern
Article 16 of the Regulations on Gender Equality of the University of Bern

Financial difficulties

Having financial difficulties? The SUB Social Fund supports SUB, MVUB members, and mobility students which find themselves in acute financial emergencies. In order to tackle these financial difficulties, the Social Fund Commission can raise up to CHF 5000 in form of a support contribution or loan. You can find all the information in the SUB Social Fund section.

Student council

Childcare is funded for student council members during meetings. If there is a need for childcare, please contact the SUB board member for gender equality.


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