Political groups of the student council

In the following, the political groups represented in the council introduce themselves.

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Christian Student Representatives (Christliche Studierendenvertretung W7)

We are united by the Christian faith and its values and principles. For a university where you feel at home!

We are independent in terms of party politics and a diversity of opinions and views is present - and also desired. The basis is being a Christian, independent of any denomination. We reflect together on what it means to translate Christian values into higher education politics and everyday life on campus. We are supported by the Christian university group VBG.

Our goal is to work constructively in the Student Council (SR) and in the Student Body of the University of Bern (SUB). We want to contribute to a good university and appreciate the skills and commitment of others. We help to achieve improvements in everyday life at the university and to develop new ideas. In addition, we strive for a SUB that concentrates on its core tasks, namely to act in the interests of the students at the University of Bern.

We are committed, for example, to:

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly use of the resources of the University of Bern
  • Making everyday life at the university easier for physically disabled students

Are you interested in getting to know us? - Get in touch with us without any obligation:

Candidates of the W7

Young Green Liberals Uni Bern (Junge Grünliberale)

The jglp Uni Bern stands up for the interests of students in a solution-oriented and consistent way. We reject ideological trench warfare in the outdated left-right scheme. 
Within the SUB, we are committed to constantly improving everyday life at the university. We are always open to students' concerns, ideas and suggestions. We are happy to take your input on board, so get in touch with us!

These topics are particularly close to our hearts: 

Sustainability. The University of Bern should strive to be a role model in the area of environment and sustainability, not least because it already plays a pioneering role in climate research. Therefore, we are committed to a climate-friendly and environmentally friendly orientation of the entire university's everyday life. 

Energy. We are committed to ensuring that the University of Bern makes use of renewable energies wherever possible. The installation of solar cells on the university's non-listed buildings could make electricity consumption more sustainable. We are also calling for solar-powered mobile phone and laptop charging stations on the university campus to make everyday study easier for students. 

Equal opportunities . Regardless of their background, everyone should have the same opportunities to study successfully at the University of Bern. We are fighting to prevent tuition fees from rising any further and, in order to improve the compatibility of family, work and studies, we are calling for the widespread introduction of podcasts in all fields of study. Studying with a disability should continue to be possible without restrictions at the University of Bern.

Teaching. We want high-quality teaching at the University of Bern. Pedagogical training and further education should be compulsory for lecturers. In addition, we demand a transparent evaluation of teaching and, if necessary, intervening measures on the part of the university. The interdisciplinarity of studies should be promoted and students should have the opportunity to continue their education in the field of computer science free of charge. 

Research. The University of Bern should be committed to open and transparent research. Third-party funding must be openly disclosed. Innovative research projects, such as the implementation of a study on the legalisation of cannabis at the Institute of Medicine, should be promoted. In addition, we support the "Better Science" initiative in a politically neutral way, whereby academic work should be characterised by sustainability, diversity and equal opportunities instead of as many publications as possible.

Mobility and exchange. The jglp Uni Bern calls for the reduction of bureaucracy and obstacles for exchange semesters. Active promotion of international relations is also important to us. We have recognised the need for more exchange opportunities in English-speaking countries and want to meet student demand. That is why we are committed to expanding the exchange opportunities that exist today.

Mensa offer. The range of university canteens should become (even) more sustainable. Regional, seasonal, and mostly organic canteen menus at fair prices should be the general standard. The range of vegan dishes should be promoted and allergy-friendly labelling is a must. Minimising food waste and disposable cups are also key concerns for us.

Housing. We advocate for affordable housing close to the university, for example in Viererfeld.

All in all, we would like to see high-quality studies at the University of Bern and are committed to the sensible and continuous modernisation in the interests of the students.


André Miotti, president of the jglp Uni Bern
Candidates of the jglp

jglp Uni Bern

Young Greens Uni Bern (Junge Grüne)

The Young Greens are committed to a university that advances and realises ecologically and socially sustainable solutions.

Specifically, our goals are as follows:

  • Abolition of the duration-of-study penalty
  • Lower tuition fees
  • Fair scholarship system throughout Switzerland
  • Affordable and central housing
  • Ecological projects at the university: e.g. Urban Gardening

The Young Greens are committed to practical sustainability in everyday life at the university. With projects such as urban gardening, the repeated demand for recycling bins in all university buildings or the commitment to an affordable and ecological offer in the canteens, we have been able to achieve the first successful steps in the right direction in recent years. We would like to have an even more ecological offer in the canteens, and further projects such as a clothes swap day or further political initiatives are to be implemented this year.

A second major concern is improving the quality of teaching. For example, the Young Greens are working to ensure that podcasts of courses are offered, that evaluations are made transparent, and that there are better supervision conditions.

And finally, the topic of "equal opportunities" is also an important concern for us. Regardless of parents' finances or gender, regardless of whether they have a migration background or disabilities, everyone should have the same opportunities to study. Freedom of choice in studies must be guaranteed and career opportunities must be open to all.

Are you interested in actively standing up for a sustainable university together with the Young Greens?

Get in touch:


Candidates of the JG

Young Greens Uni Bern

Young Liberals Uni Bern (Jungfreisinnige)

The Young Liberals Uni Bern are committed to a progressive university.

1.) for a better balance between studies, work, and private life: We believe that students are responsible for managing their own time. We advocate for students to be able to manage their time themselves and according to their needs. In concrete terms, we, therefore, call for more podcasts and are against compulsory attendance.

2.) for low tuition fees: It is our concern that studying remains financially attractive and affordable, therefore we campaign against unnecessary expenses and for low tuition fees.

3.) for equal rights: It is particularly important to us that all persons, regardless of gender and origin, can take a seat in the student bodies. In particular, we are clearly against quotas. This means that a position should be filled by the most suitable person.

4.) for a more attractive university sport: We are committed to ensuring that university sport and its offerings remain attractive for students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 

Contact: Website: www.jfunibern.ch / www.jfbe.chFacebook: www.facebook.com/jfunibernCandidates of the JF

Young Liberals Uni Bern

Social Democratic Forum (Sozialdemokratisches Forum SF)

We are the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Forum of the University of Bern and we stand up for a sustainable and social university and university policy. 

Sustainable because, for example, we support the climate strike or advocate for fewer flights for employees. 

Social, because we are committed to equality and equal opportunities. We want a university for all: we want a university where everyone can study as long as they want, no matter how much money they have, and we want a university that actively thinks intersectionally. 

We are not active in order to maintain the old patterns of the university, but in order to make a mark and help shape the university and university life.

We demand: 

  • Abolition of tuition fees and study time restrictions
  • More and better scholarships
  • Study schedules that are compatible with paid and voluntary work
  • More accessible studies for all (e.g. in terms of degree, social gender, origin, physical and mental impairment)
  • Equality of all genders and at all levels (leaky pipeline)
  • Expansion of the services offered to students 

The Social Democratic Forum is the oldest political group at the University of Bern. Members of our group are active in various commissions, in the Swiss Student Union VSS, and sometimes in party-political groups. Interested? You can find us on our website on Facebook and Instagram.


Sozialdemokratisches Forum c/o SUBLerchenweg 32 3012 BernWebsite
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Social Democratic Forum
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