SUB Social Fund

The SUB Social Fund supports SUB, MVUB members, and mobility students who find themselves in acute financial emergencies. In order to tackle these financial difficulties, the Social Fund Commission can raise up to CHF 5000 in form of a support contribution or loan.

Important: COVID-19 emergency aid from the University of Bern

In case of financial emergencies due to the Corona situation, the Social Fund Foundation of the University of Bern offers support in the form of one-time contributions up to CHF 5,000.

Enrolled students who are in acute financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic can turn to the Social Fund Foundation for support. If there are no other sufficient financial options and entitlements, such as unemployment benefit, cantonal scholarships or parental support, short-term bridging assistance can be applied for within the framework of COVID-19 emergency aid. You can find all the information and the application form here.

File an application

In order to apply to the SUB Social Fund, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Application form with budget sheet
  • Confirmation of matriculation at the University of Bern
  • SUB or MVUB membership confirmation (copy of student card)
  • Report on your financial emergency
  • Current account statement (two months)
  • Wage/tax statements
  • If available, applications to other institutions
  • If available, open invoices

For the submission of the application please contact us by email. If you have questions about the SUB Social Fund or are not sure whether you want to apply for financial help, you can contact us. You can get in touch with us at .

Valeria introduces you to the SUB Social Fund


Applications are processed quickly and unbureaucratically by the responsible person and the Social Fund Commission. The Social Fund Commission consists of three members of the Student Council, one doctoral candidate of the MVUB and two members of the SUB Executive Board.

Further information on the Social Fund, on support contributions or loans can be found in the Regulations for the Social Fund, the Loan and Scholarship Regulations for the Social Fund or in the relevant leaflet.

Often a one-off amount from the Social Fund is not enough to overcome financial difficulties in the long term. The SUB can point out various possibilities in a personal meeting or offer further help. If you have any questions about the Social Fund or other financial concerns, you can contact the responsible board member. You will find further helpful tips and information on this topic in the section study financing.

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