Dossier service

Unfortunately, the dossier mediation is not available at the moment.

Do you receive way too many applications? Do you want to conduct fewer interviews and still get to know the best candidates? Then the dossier service is just the right thing for you.

Get to know our dossier service

Are you interested in simplifying your application processes? SUB's dossier service helps you and your company with the time-consuming process of selecting applications. Trough an electronic form you can send us your job advertisement. Interested students and/or recent graduates then apply directly to our recruitment agency, which collects all applications. We conduct initial interviews and select the most suitable candidates before sending you a dossier by post with three applications and an invoice for the agreed amount. We aim to provide this service within three weeks.

For which job offers is dossier service suitable?

Our dossier service is ideally suited for job advertisements that could generate a great deal of interest from students (e.g. due to job percentages that are optimally compatible with studies, very flexible working hours, etc.). Due to the high number of candidates associated with this, there is a great deal of work involved in filling the position, which we can reduce for you.

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact us at +41 31 631 35 76 or by email

Latest dossier postings

Are you a student looking for a job? Thanks to your SUB membership, you can use our dossier service directly by logging in with your campus account.

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