The Academic Surfclub is an inter-university network that connects active surfing students with people interested in sports. It is divided into local groups, which are established at various faculties in Switzerland, and is brought together by the umbrella organization Academic Surfclub Global. The offer is aimed at students who are enrolled at a university and are interested in surfing, have always wanted to try it, and/or can identify with the surf lifestyle. The local groups enrich everyday life at their university with exciting events, with the surf camp organized by the umbrella organization in late summer being the highlight. We are accredited at various universities in Switzerland and the Swiss Surfing Association (SSA). In addition, we work together with various companies and organizations to effectively bring the sport of surfing closer to our members.

What we offer you

  • Network with like-minded people at your university and at colleges all over Switzerland
  • Benefit from attractive product deals from our partner stores
  • Many of our events are exclusively for members
  • Get a basic membership with the Swiss Surfing Association (SSA)
  • Priority registration for our surf camps (limited number of places) We offer a simplified introduction to surfing for beginners

Here you can register directly:

Membership fee: CHF 25.- per year: Web: www.academicsurfclub.chFacebook: @academicsurfclub

We look forward to an exciting semester with you!


We proudly present: Academic Surfclub

Achtung Liebe - The somewhat different sex education class

Achtung Liebe Bern is an association of Bernese students that aims to offer a sensible alternative to the often dry sex education lessons at primary and also secondary schools. Following the concept of "peer education", we visit school classes in the canton of Bern to offer young people a form of sex education that addresses the real questions and problems of the pubescent generation.

Insecurities such as "Is masturbation unhealthy?", "How big is a normal penis?", "Why don't I have my period yet?" or "Is there something wrong with me because I am attracted to my own sex?" should be addressed and discussed openly.

We also explain the effects and dangers of STIs and show how to protect yourself against them. We take a case with all the common contraceptives into each classroom for demonstration and hands-on purposes.

In order to be sufficiently prepared for our missions, we attend workshops that are held in the tri-national network in cooperation with Germany and Austria. It is always very informative and amusing to be shown the various methods and to play them out.

If you are interested in anatomy, medicine in general, pedagogy, pharmacology, psychology and the like and would like to teach the "porn generation" about sexuality, lust and relationships, you are very welcome to join the Achtung Liebe team.


Sara Metzger + Vera Schneeberger

Co-Presidency Achtung Liebe Bern



AIESEC is the largest student and young alumni-led organisation in the world, represented at over 1,800 universities in more than 125 countries. We are globally active, politically neutral, independent and non-profit. You can get involved with AIESEC in two ways: Have an unforgettable stay abroad with AIESEC. We offer volunteer placements in social projects and professional internships in companies around the world (in various fields such as marketing, IT, business, teaching, etc.). AIESEC members support you throughout the application process and also help you finding accommodation and obtaining your visa.

Become a member and gain valuable work and leadership experience during your studies. If you want to become active here in Bern, you can acquire the relevant work and leadership experience as a member of AIESEC Bern that will set you apart from your competitors after graduation. Develop yourself personally and professionally by working in one of our departments (e.g. Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources or Projects) or even leading your own team or project.

We shape people with values, and skills who have the freedom to make mistakes in a global environment, feel confidence in their own learning and are given the knowledge they need to succeed. Our members develop into leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset who see the world not as a challenge but as an opportunity. We bring together future leaders with today's change-makers to understand how our actions today can make the  world a better place tomorrow.

Contact:You can find our office at room D019 at UniS.www.aiesec.chAIESEC BernSchanzeneckstrasse 1Postfach3001 BernE-Mail:

We proudly present: AIESEC

Education against tobacco Bern

Education against Tobacco Bern is an association of Bernese students that was founded in Bern in 2012 following the German model. The aim of our association is to educate high school students at eye level about the consequences of tobacco consumption, so that they can make an independent decision based on sound knowledge. We visit the classes free of charge in two interactive courses that build on each other and focus primarily on the short-term consequences that are relevant for the students. 

However, our association does not only aim at the preventive education of young people, but also at raising awareness among fellow students on the topic of tobacco/tobacco prevention and smoking cessation. To this end, we organise presentations on current topics, such as the health effects of the newer nicotine products like e-cigarettes/vapers/juuls and IQOS, and other workshops.

In addition, an active club life is also important to us, which is why we organise various club events every year, such as spaghetti/fondue dinners, excursions to the Rega base/sea rescue/medical police, etc. Are you interested? Contact us without obligation to take a look; we look forward to meeting you!


Sabrina Laug, President

BENE - Association for Sustainable Development

Who is BENE?
We are a diverse group of students who want to contribute to sustainable development at the Bernese universities. BENE is intended to serve as a meeting platform for students and employees of all Bernese universities. 

Through information and actions, we would like to sensitise the student environment to the problems of sustainable development and motivate individual sustainable action in the areas of environment, society and economy. 

As an interdisciplinary group of students and staff, we combine different perspectives on sustainable development and take on the task of addressing and solving challenges holistically.

What is BENE doing?

BENE actively promotes sustainable development and has the following goals:

  • Raising awareness of the issue of sustainable development 
  • Promotion of individual sustainable action 
  • Motivation and support of students to initiate and implement their own projects 
  • Representing students in the area of sustainable development towards various authorities of the Bernese universities
  • Creation of a network for the exchange of knowledge between the stakeholders

Want to participate?

Would you like to join in? Would you also like to get involved in sustainable development? Or do you have your own project idea that you have wanted to implement for a long time? Newcomers are always welcome! Just contact us at
More information:

We proudly present: BENE


"Integration through education" - we have been supporting children and young people with a migration background with their school difficulties under this motto for a good five years now. We at beraber are convinced that a good school education is the basis for successful integration into society. beraber wants to contribute to bringing equal opportunities in the education system.

Beraber, are students who offer remedial teaching. The students' specific school problems are addressed individually. We work closely with the school and the family. In addition to remedial teaching, the remedial teachers support the children and young people on a voluntary basis when social and age-related difficulties occur.

You can find more information on our website: 

We proudly present: beraber

Educational Centre Denk:mal

Denk:mal at the Stauffacherstrasse 82, 3014 Bern

Course programme, directions, map and more on the Denk:mal homepage

Bridge group Uni Bern (BUB)

Bridge is an elegant card game for playful students. We guarantee you exciting game evenings in our cozy pub in the lower Old Town. We are looking for playful students!

Bridge - a strategy game with style and sophistication. The bridge group Uni Bern brings new colors to the campus: Coeur, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds.

Time for colorful game evenings with probably the most elegant card game in the world. The sophisticated moves and subtle cooperation between the partners give Bridge a multi-layered aesthetic. A fine battle develops for every trick - without secret agreements, without annoying card bad luck. Only superior playing technique leads to success.

Will you dare to let the Queen go?
We offer:

  • Enjoyable evenings playing the most sophisticated card game in the world.
  • A cozy pub in the lower old town with a small bar.
  • A partnership-based strategy game that can be played both as a "social game" and as a tournament sport.
  • Contacts and networking with students from all faculties.
  • Relaxing immersion in a game world far removed from everyday university life.
  • A card game that is played worldwide - also at numerous foreign universities.

How the heck does Bridge work? Wikipedia will answer this question in detail. But the best thing is to come to a game evening or to the introductory course.
Current offer

LocationGerechtigkeitsgasse 12 (2nd floor)3011 Bern 

Bündner*innen association Fribourg and Bern

Our association got founded with the goal to bring some mountain air and culture to Bern and Fribourg. We are the association for all Bündner*inna that are feeling homesick for the Bündner mountains in the Bernese fog.

Name: BUFUB - Bündner*innenverein der Universität Fribourg und Universität Bern

Instagram: @buendner_innenverein
Founded on the 3rd of December 2003
Number of members: approximately 200
Admission criteria: Residence or Matura in Graubünda
Membership fee: 20.- per year

With our association, we would like to reach out to all students (University of Bern & University of Fribourg) who have not completely forgotten their home in Southeastern Switzerland but would like to meet for a "Piarli" now and then or take part in one of our special events. Several times a semester, we do various things together, such as eating fondue, swimming at the Westside, or dueling at laser tag. The Bündnerfests, which take place in every spring semester, is also a very important part of the programme. At this festival, even non-Bündner people can get a taste of the great Bündner festive culture ;-)

Furthermore, we are a link between the university and the Bündner middle school and are a contact point for future Bündner students at one of our universities. So don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

We proudly present: Bündnerverein


CLASH Bern (fr.: Collectif de Lutte contre les Attitudes Sexistes en milieu Hospitalier) is inspired by the founding collective CLASH at the University of Lausanne. Our purpose is awareness and communication around the issues of sexual harassment and sexism in everyday medical settings, as well as in medical education. In a first step, our goal is to create a platform where incidents of sexualised violence in a medical setting can be anonymously reported through phone or web form. People affected by such violence should be able to receive low-threshold support. A trusting space should be created which enables those affected, as well as witnesses, to be heard and provided with contacts of professionals. In future projects events and workshops will offer an open talk, discussions, solutions, and assistance about sexualised violence in the medical field.

If you want to join us, contact us via mail: !

Debating Club at the University of Bern

You know how it is: in some lectures you have to try hard not to fall asleep, others you never want to end. That may have to do with your level of interest in a topic. But very often it is because of the personified sleeping pill giving the lecture.

If you want to learn how to avoid such mistakes in oral communication, then you have come to the right place. As Cicero already knew: "You can only learn to speak by speaking".

It doesn't matter what you study. In the debating club of the University of Bern you can test and improve your rhetoric skills in an informal and constructive environment. You learn in a practical way to put your thoughts into words and to present them in such a way that they convince your counterpart. At the same time, you will deal with current topics from society, politics and business.

As a difference to the discussion at the regulars' table, we use the rules of the Open Parliamentary Debate (OPD) to create some order and structure.

We meet weekly during the semester on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm at the University of Tobler, in FS 2022 in room F 012. The meeting usually lasts until about 8:30/21:00 pm. Afterwards we traditionally meet for further discussions at Beaulieu.

All interested people, spontaneous or registered, are welcome! No previous knowledge is required.

We look forward to welcoming you with us:

President: Raphael Geissmann

Vice President: Jonathan Moos

Further info:


We proudly present: Debating Club Uni Bern

die holzschuh - anarchist reading circle

In regular meetings, we want to exchange ideas about anarchist literature in order to acquire knowledge about anarchist theories, traditions, and resistance struggles, and to explore and discuss the idea of a society without hierarchies.

We meet every two weeks, usually on Thursday evenings, and discuss a text that has been proposed by a person or chosen by the group.

We always welcome interested persons who would like to join us. Please note that we are reading the texts in German and our discussions are in German as well.

Please feel free to get in touch with us:

You'll find more information on our website:

Effective Altruism Bern

As a student group at the University of Bern, our goal is to promote exchange between students interested in Effective Altruism and to bring the philosophy to a wider audience by regularly organizing lectures, discussions, and film screenings. Effective Altruism is a philosophy and social movement that believes it is ethically central to actively help others and takes a scientific approach to make the world a better place to live in as effectively as possible for all. Effective altruists, therefore, seek to make the best use of limited resources, time and money, to generate the greatest positive impact, i.e. to improve the lives of as many sentient beings as possible.



We proudly present: Effective Altruism Bern

EGEA - European Geography Association

What is EGEA?
EGEA stands for European Geography Association for students and young geographers. EGEA is a network of over 5000 students from almost 100 cities in 39 countries from all over Europe. The network enables students to share their interest in geography with other students from Europe and to develop it beyond their studies. EGEA enables the exchange of experiences, skills, and knowledge and promotes intercultural understanding. To bring together those interested in geography, EGEA organizes congresses, scientific seminars, intercultural exchanges, and other events.

What is EGEA Bern?
EGEA Bern is one of 90 entities in Europe. We organize local events, like film nights and hikes, but we also explore Europe through exchanges with other entities. We have been to Kaliningrad, Ljubljana, Trondheim, Leuven, Vienna and many other cities. We also host events with international participation, such as a snow hut weekend in Diemtigtal, where students from five countries took part. We discuss these events and other topics at our monthly meetings, usually at the SUB-Hüsli. For more information, just drop us a line or post on Facebook!

Experience Geography, explore Europe with EGEA Bern!Facebook: EGEA Bern

Address: EGEA Bern
c/o Fachschaft Geographie
Geographisches Institut Universität Bern
Hallerstrasse 123012 Bern

ESN Bern

ESN Bern is the still young Bernese section of a Europe-wide student organisation, namely Erasmus Student Network, which supports exchange students at our university during their stay. Our goal is to make the incoming students' stay in the beautiful capital of Switzerland as easy, interesting, and varied as possible, and to integrate them as much as possible. To this end, we have set up the Buddy System and offer various events. You are also welcome to actively participate in our organization and exchange ideas with foreign students! Click through our homepage to find out more about us and our projects, or contact us directly via the contact form on the Homepage!

We proudly present: Erasmus Student Network Bern

European Law Students' Association

ELSA is the world's largest law student association and offers law students and young lawyers the opportunity to get involved and further their education. International understanding, education of competent lawyers, academic work, practical relevance, and networking are the cornerstones of ELSA.

ELSA offers academic and practical activities at the local and national level and law schools, internships abroad (STEP), moot courts, and delegations to international organizations at the international level.

Through intensive exchange at European level, ELSA enables law students from all over Europe to get in touch with each other and become active together. With over 50,000 members at more than 375 universities in 43 countries, ELSA benefits from the pan-European network. Would you like to receive more information about ELSA? Then contact your local ELSA Bern group and become a member!

Facebook: ELSA Bern

Here you find more information:
ELSA Switzerland:
ELSA International:
Student Trainee Exchange Programs

We proudly present: European Law Students' Association

Eye Contact Group Bern

The Eye Contact Group Bern is a group of students and people interested in self-improvement, communication training and conscious perception of diversity. The idea comes from the social movement "The Liberators" and gained a lot of attention in social media in 2015 through the "World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment". At the heart of the Eye Contact Experiment is the experience of how human connection can happen through consciously noticing, paying attention to and acknowledging the person sitting across from you. At these events, people of all ages, nations and faiths come together and simply look into each other's eyes. Strangers become friends, everyone experiences very different things. But one thing participants say again and again is that it is wonderful to experience how easy it is to connect with people! Diversity stands for a holistic process that understands the differences of all people involved in a community as an opportunity and potential for them and the community - here the university - as a whole. It is about the perception of diversity, the appreciation of different identities and ways of life, as well as the active promotion of diversity by creating a respectful living, learning and working environment. In the spirit of this approach, the Eye Contact group Bern would like to make a small contribution to the appreciation of diversity at the University of Bern with monthly meetings. We meet every first Thursday at the Uni Tobler for eye contact. We invite you on an exciting journey of discovery to yourself! 

Roberto Schenker
President Eye Contact Group Bern


Group for a Switzerland without an Army GSoA

The GSoA is a democratic grassroots movement. It fights with popular initiatives, demonstrations and actions for the abolition of the army, against the direct and indirect participation of Switzerland in war, and for global justice.

Anti-militarist: The GSoA fights for the abolition of the army, against Switzerland's direct and indirect involvement in war, and for global justice.

Activist: The GSoA lives from the commitment of its members. Be it demonstrations, bold actions, or collecting signatures for an initiative: nothing works without the GSoA activists!

Initiatives: In 27 years, the GSoA has collected signatures for six popular initiatives and two referenda. The GSoA has contributed significantly to the collection of signatures for a further five initiatives.

Grassroots democracy: The GSoA is organised on a grassroots democratic basis. The highest body is the general assembly, which takes place once a year. The GSoA board is called "Coordination" and is open to all members who are willing to participate regularly. In addition, there are various regional groups that decide and implement their activities independently. GSoA at the University of Bern!

One of the regional groups is the one in Bern, which also includes the GSoA-Unigroup. The GSoA-Unigroup meets to collect signatures, exchange information, organize flyer campaigns for referendum campaigns, and also lectures and film evenings.

Committed against war, militarism, and the weapons lobby - are you with us?


Hannes Pauli Society

We are the student group of the Hannes Pauli Society, which has been working for over 20 years to promote general ecology and sustainable development at the universities of the Canton of Bern.

We want a sustainable University of Bern! In doing so, ecological as well as social and economic areas should be taken into consideration. We try to achieve our goal with various projects and actions.

More information on:

Hannes Pauli Gesellschaft (HPG)
Postfach 501
3000 Bern 9

Health For Future Bern

Are you interested in climate protection and health? Then you've come to the right place!

We are Health For Future Bern and our goal is to preserve the health of our planet as a prerequisite for individual health. To achieve this, we want to provide scientifically-based information and make healthcare more sustainable.

An important basis for this is that people in education receive resources to implement the desired changes and to act preventively. The integration of Planetary Health into the curriculum of the health professions is, therefore, a central concern of our group.



Website: - the Inititiave for Intercultural Learning - the Initiative for Intercultural Learning - offers Study Trips organized by young people with a strong passion for a region. Our Study Trips are once-in-a-life-time experiences that enable you to gain profound insight into a culture in scope and depth not obtainable otherwise. IFIL is non-partisan and not-for-profit and is based entirely on volunteer work.

Institute for Value-based Entrepreneurship (IVE)

Das Institute for Value-based Entrepreneurship (kurz: IVE) ist ein studentischer Verein, der sich für die Persönlichkeitsentwicklung der Studierenden interessiert. Unser Ziel ist es, den Studierenden den Zugang zu ihren Stärken und Werten zu ermöglichen.

Um dies zu erreichen, organisieren wir jedes Semester unsere Workshop Reihe zu diesen Themen. Der erste Event ist unser Strength-Finder Workshop, an welchem die Studierenden nach dem Ausfüllen des Clifton Strength for Students Assessment ihre Top 5 Stärken herausfinden können. Wie sie diese individuellen Stärken in ihrem Alltag einsetzen können, erfahren sie danach in unserem persönlichen Coaching Gespräch. 

Unser zweiter Event is der Value Workshop, in dem die Studierenden angeleitet werden, aus ihrem Wertegerüst ihre wichtigsten 3 Werte herauszuarbeiten. Es wird zudem aufgezeigt, wie wichtig das eher etwas hintergründig scheinende Thema Werte in der Arbeitswelt werden kann. Die Studierenden erlangen mit den beiden ersten Events einen Überblick über ihre eigene Persönlichkeit, der zum Denken anregen soll.

Abgerundet wird unsere Workshop Reihe durch den Practical Insights Event, an welchem IVE Alumnis oder andere interessante Speaker eingeladen werden. Die Studierenden erwartet einen interessanten Einblick in die Praxis. Wie setzen diese Leute im privaten und beruflichen Umfeld ihre Stärken und Werte ein bzw. um? Wie können mir die erlangten Kenntnisse z.B auch bei einem Bewerbungsgespräch helfen?

Wir als IVE Students glauben daran, dass es die Menschen mit ihren Stärken und ihren Wertegerüsten sind, die ein Unternehmen ausmachen. Diese wird dann auch immer wieder von unseren IVE Alumnis on-the-Job bestätigt.

Warum solltest du dem IVE beitreten?

  • Hast   du Freude daran dich selbst besser kennen zu lernen und dein erlangtes Wissen anderen weiterzugeben?
  • Arbeitest   du gerne mit verschiedenen Menschen aus verschiedenen Disziplinen zusammen?
  • Bist   du neugierig und kannst auf Menschen zugehen?
  • Oder   arbeitest du lieber im Hintergrund und magst es die Organisation weiterzuentwickeln?

Kannst du diese Fragen mit ja beantworten, sind das schon einmal super Voraussetzungen, um dich beim IVE zu engagieren. 

Was dir das IVE bieten kann:

  • Du   lernst dich und deine Persönlichkeit besser kennen
  • Du   wirst deine Stärken besser verkaufen können
  • Du   wirst lernen, was dir wichtig ist und welche Werte für dich massgebend sind
  • Du   hast die Chance an den IVE Summits mit verschiedenen Schwerpunkten, wie z.B. Self-Marketing teilzunehmen
  • Du   hast Zugang zum Innovation Bootcamp, in dem wir mit interessanten Firmen zusammenarbeiten
  • Du   wirst Teil eines Netzwerkes von Gleichgesinnten (IVE Students und IVE Alumnis)
  • Du   kannst von uns ein Arbeitszeugnis erhalten, dass deine Tätigkeiten beim IVE ausweist und das du deinen Bewerbungsunterlagen beilegen kannst
  • Lerne   mehr über deine eigene Persönlichkeit kennen und gib dein Wissen als Coach an andere Studierende weiter. 
  • Du   lernst zentrale Aspekte deiner eigenen Persönlichkeit kennen, die auch bei Bewerbungsschreiben und -gesprächen von sehr hoher Relevanz sind.
  • Entwickle   dich weiter durch: 
    • IVE-interne   Workshops: An Summits mit verschiedenen Schwerpunkten, wie Self-Marketing oder dem Innovation Bootcamp, wo wir mit Firmen zusammenarbeiten (coming soon)
    • Die   Betreuung der akkreditierten Veranstaltung “Business Creation Workshop” (3 ECTS) an den Universitäten Bern (coming soon) & Basel, an denen das erlernte Wissen vertiefter und im spezifischen Kontext der Startup Creation den interessierten Studierenden angeboten werden.
  • Ein   Netzwerk: Finde gleichgesinnte unter den IVE-Students und Alumnis. Bestehend aus Unternehmer*inner, Personen in Kaderpositionen, Innovationsgetriebenen und guten Freund*innen.
  • Mit   universitärem Engagement und dadurch angeeignetem Wissen fällst du positiv auf und hebst dich von der Masse ab.

So kannst du uns am besten erreichen und mitverfolgen, was wir machen:




Oder sende uns einfach ein Mail an

Just Code It Group

The Just Code It Group is a student non-profit organization with the aim of organizing and running a hackathon and similar events. There are 3 students from the University of Bern on the board (Patrick Hodel, Sebastian Zumbühl, and Felix Rudolph). No one is excluded from participating in the Hackathon. 

Contact:Felix Rudolph Institute of Computer ScienceUniversity of BernNeubrückstrasse 103012 Bern

+41 78 736 83

Climate Strike Bernese Universities

ailThe Climate Strike Movement is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based, political party-independent movement that aims to develop demands and take action so that they can then be implemented politically.

The demands of the movement are:

  • Net 0 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  • Proclamation of a climate emergency
  • Climate justice
  • If necessary: systemic change instead of climate change

More information about the movement at the Bernese universities:
National Website: 


Critical jurists Bern

bern@kritjur.chIs the law just? What is just, what is unjust, and can you make the world a better place with your studies in jurisprudence?


If you are interested in questions like these, come to the next event or gathering of the critical jurists of the University of Bern.


At our events we discuss legal-political topics and fathom the legitimacy of our legal system in general. We investigate the law critically. To do so we organize lectures and presentations, court visits and round tables.


The association is primarily directed towards interested critical students of the law, young jurists, and generally people, that have a connection to the jurisprudential faculty of the University of Bern.


More information:Instagram
Become a member:

Critical Medical Students Bern

We are a group of medical students and other interested people from all years who not only want to acquire specialist medical knowledge but also want to take a critical look at their studies and the subject and its place in society. We offer a platform for discussion, self-reflection, and exchange of further information.

We are committed to improving teaching, acceptable working conditions, and humane medicine. We work for equality and without hierarchies.

More information: 

We proudly present: Critical Medical Students

Critical Psychology

We as critical psychologists pursue the intention of expanding university psychology studies in many directions. The following points are at the center of our focus:

- Critically reflect on university studies (including teaching) and psychological research & create space for change

- To fundamentally include the context of society

- Provide a platform for psychology students and those interested in psychology

- Promote interdisciplinary exchange

- Developing and highlighting additional content that is rarely or not at all considered in the basic courses


A careful interaction with one another is a key feature of our togetherness. Inclusion, active listening, consciously taking up space and a benevolent attitude are central components of this. Assessing personal limits and capacities correctly and taking your own emotional state into account are important to us.


Have we piqued your interest?

Are you also interested in making your studies more proactive? Do you have ideas for a project, a topic that grabs you? Would you like to contribute directly to the structure of "KriPsy"? Or do you have a completely different idea?

Get in touch with us! There are countless ways to get involved.



Lepontia Bernensis – La tua «Student Group» tra Ticino e Berna

Lepontia Bernensis è l’unica confraternita mista di italofoni a Berna e fa parte della Società Studenti Svizzeri ( 

Durante il semestre organizziamo degli Stamm aperti a tutti, visitiamo altre sezioni della Società Studenti Svizzeri a Berna o in altre città e partecipiamo agli eventi della SSS. L’highlight annuale è la festa centrale, il ritrovo di studenti ed ex studenti più grande di tutta la Svizzera. 

Tutti gli eventi seguono le tradizioni della SSS, portiamo i Colori (nastro e cappello) e usiamo i Vulgo al posto dei nomi all’anagrafe. 

Perché diventare lepontini? 

- Il nostro programma comprende, oltre agli Stamm e alle visite, eventi sportivi, culturali e seminari. Ogni due anni le sezioni bernesi della SSS organizzano anche un ballo. 

- Partecipando agli eventi delle altre sezioni della SSS si ha la possibilità di migliorare il proprio tedesco e svizzero tedesco. Lepontia Bernensis è praticamente un’associazione bilingue. 

- Lepontini una volta, lepontini per sempre: la nostra associazione e la SSS sono intergenerazionali. Ciò può essere utile non solo per entrare nel mondo del lavoro dopo gli studi, ma anche per raggiungere al meglio i nostri traguardi durante gli studi. 

Important: German-speaking students who want to improve their Italian are also welcome!


- E-mail:  

- Facebook: 

- Instagram:

Marxist Associaton Unibe

Since the beginning of the world economic crisis, the youth's desire for an explanation and the longing for a social alternative have grown continuously. Today, however, the political establishment and its system-conforming media can no longer offer either. The same old interpretations also dominate at universities. These are theories that cannot satisfy students who are seriously looking for convincing answers.

In cooperation with Der Funke, we have therefore created the Marxist Association Unibe in order to form a counterpoint at the university level as well. We deal with questions of theory and practice of a society-changing politics. Because in order to change this world, we have to understand it.

Our reading circles and events are attended by students, learners, Matura students and workers from all backgrounds and of all ages. So we are open to all! We are all united by the realisation that a lot is going wrong in our world. Our reading circles and events are both discussions of the classics of Marxism and Marxist analyses and discussions of current events and issues. Marxism is a theory that is otherwise difficult to access. And if you do, it is usually in a highly distorted form. Discussing it together should enable us to develop our own, independent, political analysis. One that also shows us the possibilities of breaking out of passivity to take our fate into our own hands. Finally, it is not least about organising for a political alternative. A better world is possible, but it does not fall from the sky. The Marxist method can be a powerful weapon in the hands of a population that is pushing for change. All interested people are cordially invited to join in this collective endeavour!


Metashock Esports

We are a group of students from the University of Bern and the University of Teacher Education. Our goal is to build a community around the topic of Esports, with our own tournaments and various events.

We don't require any previous knowledge, everyone is welcome, no matter if you are a beginner or a full professional. Would you like to get to know a game? Don't be afraid to ask the players on our Discord server for advice.

We would like to organise tournaments, LANs and internal matches in the future, if there are enough players. We would also like to offer trainings and workshops if there is interest.

Current games are for example: League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege.

We mainly organise ourselves via our Discord server. Come by and have fun. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Link to our Discord Server:

MUN – Model United Nations

MUN Bern is a politically neutral student society at the University of Bern. Since its foundation in 2008 MUN Bern has taken the key role of preparing students for UN Simulations through various workshops, guest speakers and lectures, enabling every delegate to succeed during UN Simulations.

Furthermore, MUN Bern gives students of all backgrounds the opportunity to participate in different MUN-conferences around the world where you will be able to network and meet students from all over the globe. We also serve as a platform for students, who are interested in international relations, negotiations and world politicas.

Through the collaboration with UNYA (United Nations Youth Association Switzerland), members have the opportunity to participate in UN related events organized by UNYA or other Swiss universities.


We proudly present: MUN - Model United Nations

Neurodivergent Dinner (Znacht)

Have you ever heard of neurodivergence or do you even identify with it? If you feel that your brain just works differently or you have AD(H)S, autism (ASD), dyscalculia, dyslexia, dyspraxia or OCD or are highly sensitive, bipolar or highly gifted - the list goes on - then just come and check us out! It doesn't matter if you have a diagnosis or not - you're welcome even if you're questioning wheather you're neurodivergent or not!

You can find all the information about our monthly dinners (Znachts) as well as links to our Insta, newsletter and much more on our website!

If you are unsure or have any questions, pls feel free to contact us here -

Neurodivergent Dinner
Neurodivergent Dinner

Officers' Society of the University of Bern

The Officers' Society of the University of Bern brings together active and former students who are serving or have served as officers in the Swiss Armed Forces. We see ourselves at the interface between security policy, the military and science and want to encourage discussion on military and security policy issues. To this end, we organize events that are open to the wider public on the one hand and events that are exclusively open to our members on the other hand.  

In addition to deepening military and security policy knowledge, the events also serve to foster camaraderie. We have members from a wide variety of disciplines and military backgrounds. As we are all at different stages of our studies – or even already have both feet on the career ladder – the Officers' Society is the ideal place to make contacts, expand your network and discuss military, professional or private matters.  

You can find more information at:

Click here for information on our public series of talks:  

Our contact: Cpt Matthias Rufibach, President:  

Offiziersgesellschaft der Universität Bern 3000 Berne  

PROBe (Psychedelic Research Organization of Bern)

PROBe (Psychedelic Research Organization of Bern) is a student organization dedicated to exploring the subject of psychedelics. Through a range of events, we aim to educate people about psychedelic research and the potential clinical benefits of these substances. We also aim to reduce the risks associated with recreational use of psychedelics and promote responsible use through prevention and education.

Our goal is to create a world where people have the necessary knowledge and experience to fully leverage the healing potential of psychedelics. We approach this topic with an open mind, recognizing our responsibility to promote awareness of psychedelics in a thoughtful and scientifically rigorous manner. We also strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment where students can freely and openly exchange ideas.

As PROBe, we organize various events such as paper clubs, lecture series, movie nights, and integration sessions. We invite you to join us in exploring the topic of psychedelics.

If you're interested, please feel free to check out our contact page at We look forward to meeting you!

Reatch! Research. Think. Change.

Who we are

Reatch is the independent think tank for critical scientists and science enthusiasts in Switzerland. We are committed to ensuring that research and society pull in the same direction. We are grassroots and rely on the innovation potential of numerous volunteers. We are organized since 2014 as a non-profit association with regional groups in Basel, Bern, Zurich and Lausanne.

What we do

  1. Pizza, Philosophy & Science: Philosophically classifying scientific developments in a casual setting while eating pizza
  2. nanoTalks: Immersion in the world of research in two lectures followed by an apero
  3. Reatching into the Rabbithole: Thought journey into a future scenario with focus on societal impact of technology & science.
  4. BlogPodcast: factually balanced publications on relevant scientific topics
  5. Themengruppen: content work
  6. Scimpact: Moderate, write blog articles or learn storytelling and network building
  7. Franxini-Projekt: Bringing science and politics closer together

Reatch is for you if you:

  • enjoy discussing social issues with people from different backgrounds
  • have an eye on the societal impact of scientific research
  • see potential for scientific orientation in the policy-making process
  • prefer not to channel your interests into one field of study
  • want to get involved in a concrete way
  • want to become part of a motivated community
  • want to gain valuable practical experience alongside your studies in areas that correspond to your interests

Important to know: Science does not just mean the natural sciences. We have people from philosophy, biology, camera arts, economics, mathematics, engineering, literature, chemistry, political science, industrial design or physics (and many other fields).

Would you like to become part of the impact? We are looking forward to motivated members who would like to contribute to the constructive exchange between science, politics and society.


Impressions from Reatch members:

"Reatch allows you to break out of your own bubble and think about scientific topics in social contexts. At Reatch, I can contribute to this."(Florian Häfliger, Study Foundation grantee and co-lead community Reatch)

SCAD - Students of Color of the African Diaspora

Der Verein SCAD ist die erste Gruppierung der Universität Bern, welche die Förderung der afrikanischen Diaspora bezweckt. Das Ziel des Vereins ist es, Personen unserer weltweit verstreuten Community einander an der Universität Bern näher zu bringen und sichtbarer zu machen. Durch die Vernetzung und den Austausch Schwarzer (1) Studierender wollen wir eine Gesellschaft am Campus aufbauen, stärken und vereinen. Dabei koordiniert der Verein SCAD unzählige Veranstaltungen, um Freude zu verbreiten, interessante Themen zu diskutieren und – wenn nötig – auch unsere Gesellschaft politisch zu vertreten. Als Schwarze Studierende bezeichnet der Verein SCAD all diejenigen, die sich selbst mit der afrikanischen Diaspora identifizieren – egal wie nah oder fern die Wurzeln zum Kontinent sind. Wir freuen uns über jedes neue Mitglied, jede*n Follower*in und jede*n Supporter*in. 


Für mehr Informationen, Fragen und Kommentare: 


Instagram: scad.bern

Homepage: (in Bearbeitung)

(1) Wir schreiben «Schwarz» absichtlich gross. Die Grossschreibung von «Schwarz» weist auf eine politische – statt biologische – Positionierung hin. Diese Schreibweise ist eine Strategie, sich den Begriff selbstbestimmt anzueignen und damit ein Ausdruck der Selbstermächtigung und des Widerstands gegen Rassismus. 

STIB - Studenti Ticinesi a Berna​

La STIB sostiene e promuove incontri e manifestazioni di carattere ricreativo e culturale principalmente nella città di Berna, prestando attenzione a temi e avvenimenti legati alla Svizzera Italiana. L'associazione è aperta a tutti coloro che si riconoscono nei suoi scopi, senza distinzione di sorta.

Vuoi farne parte o avere ulteriori informazioni? Contattaci!

Instagram: stib95
Facebook: stib95
Sito web:

VWelles RE Bern

VWelles RE are committed to a pluralistic and feminist teaching of economics at the University of Bern. Founded as a student initiative, we are part of the global network Rethinking Economics.



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